Avoid The Doctors Office, Stay Healthy And Fit With Abs After 40

For most people, the age of 40 signals the beginning of real adulthood. It is from this age that the majority of persons will stop being referred to as young and will become referred to as middle aged. Becoming a middle aged man does have its benefits, but the body of most men at this stage of life have either changed already, or they in the process of changing. This change moves from the physique of a young man, into the well-known physique of the middle aged man, including his typical beer belly. Additionally, the joints and muscles start to weaken from this age, and testosterone levels too decline. These factors all add up to decrease the individual’s health condition, and also make it more difficult for him to get back into shape. The Abs after 40 program changes all that.

The Abs After 40 Program

Abs after 40 is a program specifically designed to help men over the age of 40 get back into shape and not only develop a fantastic physique, but to also feel better and become healthier. This program was created by Mark Mcilyar, after having noticed the difference in his physical performance after he crossed the age of 40. By the time he reached 48 anyway, he decided to do something about it, but he couldn’t find the perfect fitness program for a man of his age. So he created Abs after 40 exercises  and nutrition program specifically designed to burn fat and build abs for middle aged men.

The Problem With Loosing Weight In  Men Over 40

gym-workoutAs opposed to much younger men, men over 40 usually have more familial and work related commitments, which make them have much less time to workout and stay in shape. Moreover, they experience less energy levels as a result of the body’s changing bio-chemistry, which includes less HGH (Human Growth Hormones) and testosterone. The problem with this significant decline in testosterone and HGH production after the age of 40, is that they are the body’s fat burning and muscle building hormones. This means that workout routines that work excellently for younger people will not be as successful with men over 40.

What’s Included In The Fitness Program?

The Abs after 40 program is made up of three major components. They are:

1. The 3 phase system
The first part of this system is the major component and consists of a 3-part system that details all the exercises that are necessary to be performed in order to achieve the desired goals. These 3 parts include:

– The Fatloss Jumpstart
This first stage of the program starts off with the exercise routines that will be necessary for fat-loss and getting ripped 6 pack abs. It also introduces the need to include certain foods in your diet, in order to naturally boost testosterone levels.

– The Hormone Optimization
This next section continues with the abdominal fat-loss routines and introduces more challenging exercises that will make it easier to achieve the goal of six-pack abs. This stage also increases the body’s hormone-levels and overall energy.

– The Fat Burn Mode
This final stage helps to properly define six-pack abs for the program’s user. It uses specially designed routines called the A40’s to achieve this muscular definition in the abdomen, and after a while doing this, your body’s hormone levels should be quite balanced and easy to maintain.

2. Nutritional system
This part of the program lists out and explains different kinds of food that are beneficial to testosterone production in the body that should be eaten more often, and foods that are to be avoided. It even offers a specific diet plan with daily meal recommendations.

3. Howto eBook
The third component, is an ebook that address the common health issues that the majority of men over the age of 40 encounter. It also touches on how to manage your fitness routines during times of injury.

The Benefits Of Abs After 40

There are many benefits to be gained from using the Abs after 40 system, especially because it is focused on destroying visceral fat which is a major cause of many life threatening illnesses for men aged 40 and over. Some of these pros of using the system include:

– Low Impact Routines
The routines are designed to be less stressful to specific muscles, but to be rather more generalized on the whole body. This is important because middle aged and older men cannot afford to train extremely like younger men can.

– Can Be Done At Home
The exercises and nutritional plans of the system can be easily carried out at home, without the need for specific equipments which may be expensive. You also save time by not having to go steadily to the gym.

– Affordable
The program normally costs $197, but it is currently being offered at a discount, which makes it just $97. This price is considerably cheap, considering the fact that the system helps you as a middle aged or older man to get rid of visceral fat, which is dangerous for any man to have.

– Simple to Follow System
The system was designed in a simple and easy to follow way, and this makes it easily understandable to most people.

– 100% Natural Testosterone Increase
The Abs after 40 system increases the testosterone levels of any man in a completely natural way. This is completely safe and much better than than testosterone therapies which normally have side effects.

The Disadvantages Of Abs After 40

– Not For Everyone
One con of this system is that it is not for everybody. It is specifically for men over the age of 40 and can therefore not be of help to any other person.

– Not a Magic Bullet
Most people who buy fitness programs expect a sort of magic pill. Something that can automatically solve a person’s weight problems without much self-effort. The Abs after 40 System is not that way, it requires personal physical effort, which is not always easy.

It is a fact that most men over the age of 40 usually have belly fat problems which is not only unattractive, but quite unhealthy. Visceral fat is dangerous and is usually responsible for many health complications like coronary diseases, which create serious trouble for men in the later years of their lives. To counter all these problems if you are a man over the age of 40, simply check out the Abs after 40 Program, because you will be glad you did.